The Members of Comhairle Uladh for 2021-2023 are as follows:


An Coimisiun Reps:

Mona Ni Rodaigh - Ui Lionnain

Peter Boylan


An Comhairle Reps:

Daire Boylan

Gerard Carroll

Janey McGardle - Ryan

Kevin Armstrong 

Maria McCaul - Mohan 

Tracey Taaffe - Metcalfe


Co- Opted from An Coimisiun

Carol Leavy - Joyce


Members of Conradh na Gaeilge

Dan Armstrong

Eamonn De Bhal

Francis Curley

John McEntegart


Lay Members

Lorraine Fairley

Marc Soal

Marie Ryan

Paddy Bradley

Paula Bell

Teresa O'Brien



The AGM of Comhairle Uladh took place on Sunday 2nd May, 2021


The following officers were elected for 2021 - 2023:


Chairperson: John McEntegart

Vice Chairperson: Mona Ni Rodaigh - Ui Lionnain

Recording Secretary: Peter Boylan

Treasurer:  Daire Boylan

Assistant Treasurer: Eamonn De Bhal 

Oireachtas Secretary: Peter Boylan 

Assistant Oireachtas Secretary: Janey McArdle - Ryan

Trophy Officer:  Lorraine Fairley

Assistant Trophy Officers: Paula Bell

Hospitality: Teresa O'Brien

Transfer Secretary: Dan Armstrong

Feis Registrar:  Maria McCaul - Mohan

An Coimisiun Rep: Tracey Taaffe - Metcalfe 

Child Protection

Designated Liason Officer:  Paula Bell 



Comhairle Uladh Representation on An Coimisiun 2021 - 2023


Council of Management:

Eamonn De Bhal

John McEntegart


Vice President:

Dan Armstrong



John McEntegart


Udaras (Examination Authority)

Francis Curley - Chairperson


Coiste Oireachtasai (Oireachtas Committee)

Dan Armstrong

Mona Ni Rodaigh - Ui Lionnain

Tracey Taaffe - Metcalfe


Coiste Rialacha (Rules Committee)

Peter Boylan  -  Chairperson


Marketing and Public Relations

Carol Leavy - Joyce






If you wish to apply to An Comhairle Uladh to host a feis in the Ulster Region, please click here to download feis registration form.

This must be emailed to:

Please note than an adjudicator who judges a feis in the Ulster region, may not judge any other feis (including class feiseanna and graded examinations) in the Ulster region until 6 months has elapsed.

Click here for general rules regarding feiseanna in the Ulster region. Click here for changes to feis registration for feiseanna to be held whilst Covid -19 restrictions are in place. 


Transfer Forms

Click here to download transfer form. 

N.B. A transfer form does not need to completed if a dancer has not either attended a class or competed for more than 12 months.


However, transfer forms must be completed for ALL other transfers including a) dancers transferrig from other regions, b) dancers from other organisations and c) dancers from registered teachers who have ceased teaching.

Click here for Transfer & Appeal Procedure

Click here for Sanctions if in Breach of Transfer Procedure

Click here for Six Month Exemption Appeal Form