New / Amended Rules for 2015

Transfer Rule

Amendment to Rule 3.1.4

Where a pupil, formerly the pupil of a registered CLRG teacher, joins the class of another registered CLRG teacher, the new teacher must not enter that pupil in any registered competition until six months have elapsed (unless the pupil is allowed to compete by reason of Rules 3.1.5, 3.1.6, or 3,1,7) .

The six-month period will be calculated from the date on which notification of the pupil joining the new class is received in writing by the Regional Council or other appropriate authority. Effective March 1st, 2015.


New rule

Where a pupil leaves a CLRG teacher to go to another organization and returns to CLRG, they will not have a restyling period if returning to their original CLRG teacher. However if said pupil returns to a different CLRG teacher, the six-month restyling period will apply.

Where a dancer comes to a CLRG teacher from another Irish dance organization and has never attended a CLRG teacher’s class, a restyling period may be imposed at the discretion of the new teacher. Effective March 1st, 2015.



If you wish to apply to An Comhairle Uladh to host a feis in the Ulster Region, please click here to download feis registration form.

This must be emailed to: 

Please note than an adjudicator who judges a feis in the Ulster region, may not judge any other feis (including class feiseanna and graded examinations) in the Ulster region until 6 months has elapsed.

Click here for general rules regarding feiseanna in the Ulster region.

Click here for list of adjudicators who have adjudicated in Ulster since 1st November 2013.


Transfer Forms

Click here to download transfer forms.    

N.B. Transfer forms must be completed for ALL transfers including a) dancers from other regions, b) dancers from other organisations and c) dancers from registered teachers who have ceased teaching.

Please refer to for rules regarding transfer of pupils.